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Things are starting to work..

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Development has been progressing well. So far you can get in, choose a character, save your game, explore a few sections of the over world, fight your way through a dungeon, collect loot and equip weapons.

There is of course a lot more to do before I make anything available publicly.

The town in question Character selection

And it starts again...

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Well I'm back, where I wanted to be, building games, building the world of Yore.

Age of Yore revisits the world of Yore some 100 years before the events of Legends occurred. The world was more simple, the pace was slower, less pixels as it goes. With that said the world was still full of mysteries, people to help and of course scary monsters.

The idea is Age of Yore provides the same sort of experience as Legends but with a brand new world and storyline.

Technologically the whole thing is being re-written in modern web standards and being deployed as a Progressive Web Application (PWA). For those who don't know that means no app stores, no waiting for approval and no policies removing my game from distribution (thats what happened to Legends by the way)

Anyway, I hope you'll join me on the journey and enjoy what gets built.