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Alpha 0 of Age of Yore for Testing

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tl;dr You want to have a go, its at

I've decided to make the game available as early as possible, to the point where it's not even quite a game yet. If anyone has time or interest I'd appreciate trying this early alpha out to get rid of any fundamental issues before the game starts to get bigger and I have to focus on content.

What you can do so far:

  • Wander around
  • Talk to People
  • Get Loot
  • Explore Dungeons
  • Fight hand to hand
  • Use items and equip
  • Local saves
  • Mobile Installs (be really interested to know how this works out)

Whats not really there yet:

  • Magic/Range combat (play as the warrior)
  • Loads of stuff
  • Cloud Saves
  • Quests
  • Shops
  • Levels/Experience
  • Did I mention loads of stuff

Anyway, if you have time, visit the game site on your browser (Chrome on Android, Safari on iOS) to have a go. It's at