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In Legends I got a long long way before anyone mentioned other languages. This made it really hard to add and as such community mods appeared to add different language. I hadn't how import it is to people to have their own language in RPGs - I guess it makes sense, I mean there is a lot of text!

This time I'm getting in early. I've spent my last couple of days of game dev time sorting out some way of getting a light process that means I can code and design everything in English (my native language) and have the tooling work out what needs to be done and prompt me to get it done.

There are 3 levels of processing that happen before I get anything out.

  1. Static strings I "just know" know need to be there. Most of this is the core website stuff.
  2. Scanning of the code looking for calls to my text processing methods. This is all the system messages.
  3. Scanning of the data files that drive everything in the game from names, to speech, to item descriptions.

Once that's complete I get a big chunky list of every string that needs to be translated. Then the interesting bit starts. I don't really have the money to have translations done at the moment and I certainly don't have enough interested parties to do it manually, so..

I wrote some Node scripts that process that list, create language specific versions (German and Spanish for now). They then compare these lists to the already created language files and work out what's new. So I end up with a small JSON file with just the new strings that need translation. Since these files are pretty small I can use the free services out there to do auto translation at zero cost.

No these translations aren't perfect but they are understandable.

Translated text