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Version 180 Uploaded - What's in it?

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I pushed v180 up to the main site yesterday and so far no error reports! :) It's been a long slog to get this version done since it contains so many fundamental things. The game is still very much alpha - just a thing to play around in at the moment, but here's some of the things that got added:

  • Ranged Combat - this includes arrows and magic. Wizards and Archers now make sense to play. Magic points and arrows get used up with the later being recoverable from the dead bodies.
  • Item Effects - Equipping weaponry, armour and items now contributes to the combat. Hitting someone with your hands isn't as good as hitting them with a sword.
  • Item Constraints - The game now checks whether your character is the right class and the right level to be using items. Nothing has a restriction outside of class at the moment.
  • Class Specific Statistic - Added the concept of Rage (for Warriors) and Focus (for Archers) in to the game. These will give you specials skills as you progress
  • Level Up - You can now gain experience and levels by killing monsters and exploring.
  • Automagic Translations - Following on from my translations work I've made the process automatically translate strings as I go along development. Google translate right now, so not exactly perfect!
  • Quick Slots - It's so important for the speed of play to have quick access to weapon switches and potions. You can now have 3 slots on the main screen with specific items in.

It's taken a few days to get all this stuff in and ship shape for release but it should all now be live on the main site. I've still got a stack of fundamental stuff to do before I can start building out the game world but progress feels good right now.

Finally I also made my game development plan public over on trello so you can see what I'm working on at any given moment:

Hope this is of some interest to you guys, please let me know on twitter what you want to hear about.